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Passion. Devotion. Fear. Hysteria.

No, I’m not describing your first kiss. These are the raw emotions found in the desperate scribblings of a Lost Pet flyer. 

For almost two decades I have been collecting Lost Pet flyers posted to telephone poles, bulletin boards, and occasionally those that lay crumpled up on the street. I'd study them over, soaking in every detail, and dream up stories for these lost souls, like Bezoar the outgoing kitty who got stuck in a tree and climbed away into the clouds, or Sneaky Pie and Twinnie, brother cats who slipped out one evening to party in Catnip City. Entertaining, yes, but I knew

these were only fictitious tales. 

It wasn’t until recently that my curiosity bubbled over and I began dialing all the numbers on these old flyers to find out what exactly went down with these pets. After hundreds of phone calls, texts, emails and plenty of tears, I had a beautiful collection of stories documenting the bizarre human behavior in pursuit of a lost, furry friend. But in every story there runs a common thread: love. Love for the panting, dopey mutt that waits faithfully for you in the doorway. Love for the plump kitty that pins you in place while you sleep. Love that endures and love that inspires. 

I present to you my collection of chaotic, curious, and 

all-too-mischievous Rebel Pets.

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